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Cracker with black sesame, oregano and beetroot

  We take you back to your origins with each one of our ingredients, especially with our crackers full of flavors —an original mix of sesame, oregano and beetroot. These salt crackers work great as snacks or for small sandwiches. Our delicious mixes are a tribute to nature, which is why we know you will love them.

Cracker with chia, basil and tomato

You will love this Evok cracker because with its natural ingredients, chia seeds, basil and tomato, it offers great benefits for your health. The exotic flavors in our crackers allow us to offer you unique experiences that bring you closer to nature. We believe in the power of our land and of healthy nourishment.

Cracker with quinoa, carrot and ginger

Our Evok crackers have very special flavors of vegetables, herbs, quinoa seeds, carrot, and ginger. The perfect natural combination for your health. These crackers work great as snacks to share with friends or as sides for delicious recipes like small sandwiches.