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Pure honey from Montes de Maria, Colombia jar


Our select Evok honey from Montes de María is farmed by Colombian farming communities that do beekeeping in natural exceptional conditions at the ecosystem of the tropical forest in the departments of Sucre and Bolívar.

The nectar is extracted from the flora located in Montes de María from species known as campanita and matarratón, famous for their flavor and aroma.

Pure Honey from Vichada, Colombia jar


Evok natural bee honey comes mainly from the extrafloral nectar of Acacia mangium trees located in the region of Vichada (Colombia).

The duramen or heartwood of the Acacia mangium is brown colored, this characteristic of the vegetal texture imprints a dark amber color on the honey, and an intensely sweet, moderately acid and bitter taste. A delicious blend!

Pure natural honey with blackberry and strawberry jar


The natural ingredients of our Evok honey with citric fruit blends such as strawberry, blackberry and cranberry, make this a magnificent tribute to nature. Delicious blends!

Its fruit flavor represents the best of our Colombian land, filled with beautiful landscapes and natural essences.

Pure natural honey with pineapple, apple and golden berry jar


At Evok we are aware that the power of earth and nature must reach all corners of the world, which is why we want our honey blended with apple, pineapple and golden berry to be a part of that experience filled with sweetness and flavor.

Honey is the perfect sweetener for your beverages. It has various uses in the kitchen: as a complement for bread, crackers, fruits, dressings, and many more recipes.