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100% Colombian instant coffee

If you are looking for an instant medium- bodied coffee, you have to try ours, which is suggested for soft coffee lovers.  It is grown in Cauca, a Colombian region that allows the crop of an Arabica coffee with roasted hints of hazelnut. Our Evok Instant Coffee is planted, harvested and processed by native Colombian communities, that´s why we are proud to say that our coffee is 100% Colombian.

100% Colombian roasted and ground coffee

Our Arabica coffee is grown in the Colombian mountains, which gives our coffee a pleasant and prolonged aftertaste with chocolate notes. We choose the best coffee beans cultivated by peasant harvesters of our country. Our roasted and ground coffee is 100% Colombian.  Evok is ancestral wisdom! Activate your mind with the intense aroma of our coffee!

100% Colombian roasted coffee

Our roasted coffee has its origin in Cauca, a Colombian department known by its agricultural production of coffee and its beautiful mountains from which comes its intense aroma and flavour of sweet chocolate notes with long aftertaste. Our 100% Colombian Arabica roasted coffee is cultivated by the hands of Colombian peasants who give a medium-high and juicy body to the coffee.

40% Cocoa bar with cardamom, cinnamon and orange

You will fall in love with this sweet chocolate for its perfect combination of Colombian flavors such as cardamom, cinnamon, and orange. Let it dazzle you! This unforgettable blend will awaken your senses.

40% Cocoa bar with coffee, acai, cranberry and blueberry


Our Evok chocolate bars are delicious. They melt in your palate as you simultaneously feel the chewable bits of coffee, acai, cranberries and blueberries. An irresistible blend!

The pattern printed on our bars evokes the cocoa tree, as a memento for its natural and Colombian origins.

70% Cocoa bar with blackberry cinnamon and blueberry


You will love this Evok chocolate, because it is the perfect blend of chocolate, strawberry and peppermint. Its pattern evokes the cocoa plant, and it reminds you that our chocolates are of Colombian origin.

We believe in the properties of our Colombian land, which are augmented with our different combinations. That is why Evok chocolates are known for their exotic and delicious blends.

70% Plain Cocoa bar


This bar is designed for those of us who love dark chocolate with no additional ingredients. Its simplicity allows you to appreciate the very essence of Colombian cocoa.

The seeds fermented and toasted by our farmers make our cocoa the best in Colombia, and our chocolates a delight to your palate.

82% Plain Cocoa bar


This select chocolate bar contains no additional ingredients; you can taste the pure flavor of cocoa in its entire essence.

The cocoa tree pattern printed on our bars reminds us of the traditional Colombian flora and its beautiful landscapes.

Apple, guava and strawberry herbal infusion

We are millenary knowledge of herbs, spices and fruits, represented in one natural loose-leaf infusion with dehydrated apple, guava and strawberry. You will love this combination! Preparing Evok infusions in a pyramid infuser truly is a simple task. Our natural ingredients need to come in contact with the water for 2 to 3 minutes, so you can enjoy their natural essences. We recommend following the preparation steps.

Apple, guava and strawberry loose leaf herbal infusion


Our natural Evok loose-leaf infusion combines apple, guava and strawberry to create a delectable experience.

You can enjoy this mix of flavors in an infusion that must be prepared with a metal or silicone infuser. If it's Evok, it's delicious!

Assorted infusion cap duo with fruits

This Evok box of infusions decorated with Colombian fruits and herbs contains 6 Cap Duo infusions with natural ingredients; they come in beautiful recyclable packs shaped as a leaf. When you open it, you will find a filter for infusions and dehydrated fruit. You will love it!   Our infusions, with their delicious fruits, herbs, spices, and exotic flavors, are a true experience for the soul.

Black tea with mango and sunflower petals

Our Evok black tea has a delicious blend of mango and sunflower petals that achieves a perfect sweet-astringent balance, with warm and revitalizing color tones. It has commonly been associated with the betterment of the state of alertness, concentration, vitality, and energy. Known as "red tea" because of the coloration that oxidation gives the beverage. Give yourself the chance to try it!