Our Story

Our story begins with two people from Antioquia who are lovers of mountain traditions and deeply believers in the ancient power of herbs and chocolate. We decided to start looking for products with herbs, spices and fruits and thus Evok was born.

“Why do we call it Evok?

Because it is related to the word “evoke”, which means to go back to the roots, we want to evoke the ancestral benefits that nature offers us.” César Restrepo

In Colombia, we are “herbalists” by habit, we have always relied on the ancient power of herbs, that is why we prefer to drink hot cinnamon water for stomach pains or chamomile to calm our nerves.

With an interdisciplinary team, we began to work in a company that transforms the fruit of cocoa, the company Nacional de Chocolates S.A.S, with more than 100 years of experience in the production and commercialization of chocolate, which belongs to Grupo Nutresa.

“… We realized that many Colombians loved herbs and were looking for healthy products” César Restrepo

It was an interesting experience, where we discovered the ancestral benefits of chocolate, such as its high percentage of fiber, perfect to give a feeling of wellness, and also its content of antioxidants (phenolic compounds) that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In 2013, we had the wonderful opportunity to present all those benefits of cocoa and its incredible mixtures with herbs in an internal company contest, and we were one of the winning ventures of Grupo Nutresa’s “Out of the Box” program.

This was the perfect push to build what we are today, where we rescued the ancient custom of our grandmothers, who have taught us to get the best out of our herbs, spices and fruits, transformed into 100% natural products that offer wellness, tranquility and vitality.

On December 2, 2016 we launched our first physical store in Medellín in the El Tesoro shopping park. We were very happy because we were finally able to materialize what was a dream.

We arrived in Bogotá on May 21, 2017 at the Parque la Colina shopping center. It was a demand for growth and marked a very important change in the innovation of our products.

We have won the "Lápiz de Acero" award (the most important recognition of Colombian design) as the best structural design of our Cap Duo, which are the containers for our herbal teas, portable, easy to use and recyclable.

We work with different indigenous artisan mothers, heads of families to make our bread baskets or bags woven with Iraca palm.

Today we have 11 physical stores, which more than stores, are places of experiences and delight for the senses. We have entered the main chains in the country and we can say, with Colombian pride, that we are what we always wanted to be: A brand that offers the best of its land in products made with natural ingredients.


We are recognize on earth the most valuable thing we have, we are convinced that from the harmony of man with the environment flourishes wellness.

Nature is the answer to many things, that’s why we appreciate the past and we believe in the future. We make a cult of herbs and we are convinced that they are a source of wellness that help us in everything we need. They always have been and always will be.


Committed to the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT of Colombia and the world