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Apple, guava and strawberry herbal infusion

We are millenary knowledge of herbs, spices and fruits, represented in one natural loose-leaf infusion with dehydrated apple, guava and strawberry. You will love this combination! Preparing Evok infusions in a pyramid infuser truly is a simple task. Our natural ingredients need to come in contact with the water for 2 to 3 minutes, so you can enjoy their natural essences. We recommend following the preparation steps.

Apple, guava and strawberry loose leaf herbal infusion


Our natural Evok loose-leaf infusion combines apple, guava and strawberry to create a delectable experience.

You can enjoy this mix of flavors in an infusion that must be prepared with a metal or silicone infuser. If it's Evok, it's delicious!

Assorted infusion cap duo with fruits

This Evok box of infusions decorated with Colombian fruits and herbs contains 6 Cap Duo infusions with natural ingredients; they come in beautiful recyclable packs shaped as a leaf. When you open it, you will find a filter for infusions and dehydrated fruit. You will love it!   Our infusions, with their delicious fruits, herbs, spices, and exotic flavors, are a true experience for the soul.

Black tea with mango and sunflower petals

Our Evok black tea has a delicious blend of mango and sunflower petals that achieves a perfect sweet-astringent balance, with warm and revitalizing color tones. It has commonly been associated with the betterment of the state of alertness, concentration, vitality, and energy. Known as "red tea" because of the coloration that oxidation gives the beverage. Give yourself the chance to try it!

Black tea with mango and sunflower petals loose leaf

Enjoy the best loose-leaf black tea with mango, sunflower petals, and dehydrated fruits. This incredible blend with mango achieves a perfect sweet-astringent balance with warm and revitalizing color tones. A delightful blend of flavors in just one single tea! Remember that preparing an Evok loose-leaf tea requires having an infuser to put some tea in it and truly enjoy our exotic flavors to the fullest. Try all our preparations!

Blackberry, blueberry and cranberry herbal infusion

We believe life is the most valuable and sacred element of the universe. That is why we create exotic blends in our infusions, this time with blackberry, blueberry and cranberry, such a perfect match! Our Evok infusions are truly easy to prepare. We recommend letting the pyramid stand so you can feel the essences and aromas on your palate.

Blackberry, blueberry and cranberry loose leaf herbal infusion

At Evok we promote the millenary flavors of our Colombian land. This loose-leaf blackberry, blueberry, and cranberry infusion preserves all properties of its natural ingredients. With their incredible blends of herbs, fruits, and spices, their preparations are a true delectable experience. You can use infusers for our loose-leaf infusions.

Chai black tea with rooibos

The best tribute to nature is to enjoy what it provides, and what better time than now for you to try this black chai, ideal for those who love intense flavors. Add this fully natural loose-leaf tea to the infuser, seal it and take it to a cup of hot water. Let it stand according to each tea and enjoy our millenary flavors. Let our delicious preparations dazzle you!

Chai black tea with rooibos loose leaf

Evok black chai is sweet with hints of nuts. A unique blend with ancestral flavors offered by Evok. Black tea acts as an anti-inflammatory, helps us avoid nausea and improves cardiac activity, the best for your health!

Chamomile, spearmint and apple loose leaf herbal infusion

You can drink this loose-leaf infusion with chamomile, apple and peppermint hot to help your body with digestion, relaxation and tranquility. It must be prepared with an infuser, that is how you will best enjoy its delightful flavor and aromas.

Green tea with jasmine petals

The natural blends in this Evok green tea with jasmine petals create a truly delightful flavor for your palate. Tea is a millenary and medicinal beverage known for years to improve body and mind health. It is a plant rich in natural antioxidants that help prevent and counteract the effects of aging, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Great for health!

Green tea with jasmine petals loose leaf

We promote the millenary power in our teas filled with tradition and exotic flavors. Our Evok green tea with jasmine petals will enchant you with its flavor and soft aroma. Green tea is known as jade dew, for the green color that the beverage will acquire. Its leaves are collected and heated up to give it that charming color. Remember that our loose-leaf teas must be prepared with an infuser.