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100% Colombian instant coffee

If you are looking for an instant medium- bodied coffee, you have to try ours, which is suggested for soft coffee lovers.  It is grown in Cauca, a Colombian region that allows the crop of an Arabica coffee with roasted hints of hazelnut. Our Evok Instant Coffee is planted, harvested and processed by native Colombian communities, that´s why we are proud to say that our coffee is 100% Colombian.

100% Colombian roasted and ground coffee

Our Arabica coffee is grown in the Colombian mountains, which gives our coffee a pleasant and prolonged aftertaste with chocolate notes. We choose the best coffee beans cultivated by peasant harvesters of our country. Our roasted and ground coffee is 100% Colombian.  Evok is ancestral wisdom! Activate your mind with the intense aroma of our coffee!

100% Colombian roasted coffee

Our roasted coffee has its origin in Cauca, a Colombian department known by its agricultural production of coffee and its beautiful mountains from which comes its intense aroma and flavour of sweet chocolate notes with long aftertaste. Our 100% Colombian Arabica roasted coffee is cultivated by the hands of Colombian peasants who give a medium-high and juicy body to the coffee.