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40% Cocoa bar with cardamom, cinnamon and orange

You will fall in love with this sweet chocolate for its perfect combination of Colombian flavors such as cardamom, cinnamon, and orange. Let it dazzle you! This unforgettable blend will awaken your senses.

40% Cocoa bar with coffee, acai, cranberry and blueberry


Our Evok chocolate bars are delicious. They melt in your palate as you simultaneously feel the chewable bits of coffee, acai, cranberries and blueberries. An irresistible blend!

The pattern printed on our bars evokes the cocoa tree, as a memento for its natural and Colombian origins.

70% Cocoa bar with blackberry cinnamon and blueberry


You will love this Evok chocolate, because it is the perfect blend of chocolate, strawberry and peppermint. Its pattern evokes the cocoa plant, and it reminds you that our chocolates are of Colombian origin.

We believe in the properties of our Colombian land, which are augmented with our different combinations. That is why Evok chocolates are known for their exotic and delicious blends.

70% Plain Cocoa bar


This bar is designed for those of us who love dark chocolate with no additional ingredients. Its simplicity allows you to appreciate the very essence of Colombian cocoa.

The seeds fermented and toasted by our farmers make our cocoa the best in Colombia, and our chocolates a delight to your palate.

82% Plain Cocoa bar


This select chocolate bar contains no additional ingredients; you can taste the pure flavor of cocoa in its entire essence.

The cocoa tree pattern printed on our bars reminds us of the traditional Colombian flora and its beautiful landscapes.

White chocolate bar with almonds, blackberry and strawberry

This version of our chocolate bar is a delight to your palate. It is made for white chocolate lovers, with small pieces of strawberry, blackberry and almonds. Our chocolates evoke our Colombian land filled with aroma and flavor with their Colombian nature patterns.