The sustainable origin of our Colombian cocoa

Our Evok cocoa is 100% natural. The varieties grown in our country are: Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero, but Evok designs and uses the “Criollo” variety for its products.

We offer chocolates, with cocoa content, from 40% to 100%. Its flavors and aromas are highly desired and well valued by tasters and non-tasters.

Evok cocoa is grown by farmers in southern Colombia, in Tumaco, Nariño department. Currently cocoa is processed and our chocolates are manufactured in a semi-traditional way, by expert hands, in the production plant of Compañía Nacional de Chocolates in Rionegro, Antioquia. For this reason, we certify that Evok chocolates and drinks are “from tree to bar”.

We believe in social, economic and environmental sustainability, which positively impacts our cocoa farmers and distributors. We want to continue empowering our cocoa farmers and promote their diversity and inclusion. Our chocolates are dried in the sun and we use clean energy throughout the production chain!

Our chocolate empowers our cocoa farmers

Since 1958 we have promoted a sustainable supply of cocoa, which is the fundamental raw material for the creation of our products, establishing the Purchasing and Agricultural Development area.

We currently have a specialized team of professionals who offer training through technical advice and training in our farms and demonstration plots.

We improve the quality of life of our cocoa collectors, with social and agribusiness programs; generating new knowledge and technologies through research, promoting good agricultural practices in cocoa growing through technological disclosure.

“With cocoa, peace is cultivated”

Committed to the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT of Colombia and the world