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70% Cocoa bar with orange, ginger and vanilla


This delicious dark chocolate bar is an exceptional blend of natural ingredients such as orange, ginger, and vanilla. A perfect combination with chocolate!

Evocan la naturaleza con sus diseños de la flora colombiana, en especial porque nuestras barras de chocolate llevan impresas el árbol de cocoa.

70% Cocoa bar with strawberry and peppermint


You will love this Evok chocolate, because it is the perfect blend of chocolate, strawberry and peppermint. Its pattern evokes the cocoa plant, and it reminds you that our chocolates are of Colombian origin.

We believe in the properties of our Colombian land, which are augmented with our different combinations. That is why Evok chocolates are known for their exotic and delicious blends.

70% Cocoa bonbons assorted flavors


Evok Chocolate Bonbons are made with ingredients of fruit trees and spices like blackberry, cinnamon, cranberry, rose apple, hibiscus, and raspberry. Definitely a unique blend with chocolate!

These dark chocolate bonbons in the shape of a cocoa leaf are perfect to treat yourself. They melt in your mouth, try them!

70% Plain Cocoa bar


This bar is designed for those of us who love dark chocolate with no additional ingredients. Its simplicity allows you to appreciate the very essence of Colombian cocoa.

The seeds fermented and toasted by our farmers make our cocoa the best in Colombia, and our chocolates a delight to your palate.

82% Cocoa bar with cocoa nibs, acai, raspberry and acerola


In this chocolate, you will find an exquisite blend of cacao nibs, which are small pieces of the natural toasted cacao seed, raspberry, and fruits like acai and acerola.

The design of our chocolates evokes the Colombian nature. If you look closely, you will see the cocoa tree carved on them.

82% Cocoa bar with cocoa nibs, orange and pomegranate


This dark chocolate bar contains a delicious blend of natural ingredients such as orange, pomegranate, and chocolate nibs, perfect for melting in your palate!

Our Evok chocolates are made with exotic blends and evoke Colombian nature with their cocoa tree patterns.

82% Cocoa bar with raspberry, chamomile, apple and cocoa nibs


Our dark chocolate bar has traces of herbs like chamomile, and fresh fruits like raspberry. Along with the Colombian touch of cocoa nibs, it makes the perfect combination for an Evok chocolate.

Printed on this bar you will find the pattern of the cocoa tree, which we use to remind you of the natural essence of our chocolates.

82% Cocoa bonbons assorted flavors


Evok Chocolate Bonbons are made to enjoy the delicious blends of fruits and herbs such as orange, pomegranate, raspberry, acerola, apple, acai and chamomile. A journey through traditional Colombian blends!

Our dark chocolate bonbons are a tribute to nature with their exotic blends. They are filled with olive oil and agave with herbs and fruits.

82% Plain Cocoa bar


This select chocolate bar contains no additional ingredients; you can taste the pure flavor of cocoa in its entire essence.

The cocoa tree pattern printed on our bars reminds us of the traditional Colombian flora and its beautiful landscapes.

Almonds with orange and ginger

Our Evok caramel-coated almonds are the perfect snack and complement to your meals. Its best part is the perfect blend of caramel with orange and ginger, which coats the almonds and makes them irresistible. Exotic and delicious blends!

Apple, guava and strawberry herbal infusion

We are millenary knowledge of herbs, spices and fruits, represented in one natural loose-leaf infusion with dehydrated apple, guava and strawberry. You will love this combination! Preparing Evok infusions in a pyramid infuser truly is a simple task. Our natural ingredients need to come in contact with the water for 2 to 3 minutes, so you can enjoy their natural essences. We recommend following the preparation steps.

Apple, guava and strawberry loose leaf herbal infusion


Our natural Evok loose-leaf infusion combines apple, guava and strawberry to create a delectable experience.

You can enjoy this mix of flavors in an infusion that must be prepared with a metal or silicone infuser. If it's Evok, it's delicious!